Friday, February 20, 2009

Is this THE ONE?

After deliberating the last few days, I think I have finally settled on a gown. It is one of the gowns on my shortlist. I have shown a picture of it to my two bridesmaids and a good friend and all three of them felt that it was a breathtakingly beautiful dress. This is good feedback since they are all different ages and have very different tastes. They are all brutally honest ladies too.

My next step now is to try on the dress to make sure I'm still happy to proceed. I got a quote from a bridal salon for $6,600 which is 3x more than my budget.... YIKES!! I can't post the dress here or give any more specific details in case anyone coming to the wedding or the groom is perusing this blog. Let's just say that it's awesome!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Belated Valentine

I didn't get Jack a Valentine's Card, I know pretty slack of me. I came across this video today which I thought he might like instead.

Link via I Do (x2).

Craig Braybrook gowns

I saved these images on my computer years ago.

I just love the styling and the gowns are gorgeous too. I especially love this corset gown!!

Here are a couple of gowns I've been drooling over...

(L-R Mariana Hardwick - Heirloom; Karen Willis Holmes)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Choosing a Gown

I'm going through the process of finding a gown. How do people know when they've found the one? Personally, I thought I found "the one" a few weeks ago online but then I found two more which I fell in love with yesterday. Now I have 3 on my shortlist...

I can't even try on any of these gowns to see whether I have "the moment" (the realisation that it's "the one"). No one in my city even has these gowns for me to try. Some people can't even find one dress they like... I have 3!!