Friday, November 12, 2010

Almost A Year... so much has happened

It's now almost twelve months since our wedding day.  I neglected this blog for a number of reasons, mainly falling pregnant prior to the wedding and just general wedding chaos and looking after 2 toddlers..... Life was quite hectic those last few months.  Most notably my Dad passed away in January and I have been dealing with the loss as well as dealing with being a pregnant Mumma to two very busy boys.   My only saving grace was that Dad got to walk me down the aisle, I am very thankful that he was there for part of the wedding.  Unfortunately, he had been ill and was only allowed to leave hospital for a few hours.   I think it upset him that he missed the reception.  Here's to you Dad, I miss you.

AND, here's your precious granddaughter you didn't get to meet.  She was five months old yesterday, so nice for the boys to have a little sister.

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