Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bridesmaids Outfits - Done and Dusted!

On a very exciting note, we bought the bridesmaids outfits yesterday, now we have to find them some shoes (hoping to find something under $80).... BUT I'm really pleased with the outfits because they're the colour we wanted and are a gorgeous style, plus the girls will get some wear out of them because they are not typically "bridesmaidy" - they're from George Gross and we scored 50% off because they have new stock arriving in a couple of weeks. Not sure what we would've done if they were full price - probably thought about getting something made, which would've been such a pain (it's so nice to have them hanging here ready to go).

Still so many things on the list that need organising. I'm having a bit of an internal panic because I know the next 4 mths are going to fly by.

Next on my list (in no particular order):
Grooms', Jnr Bridesmaids & Page Boys' outfits
Invitations (need to get moving on this one)
Table layout

Plus I'm sure there's heaps of things that are not coming to mind right now. That internal panic has just turned up a huge notch....

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