Friday, May 22, 2009

Uber Photography

Jack and I recently went through the process of choosing our photographer for the big day. We ended up meeting with five photographers who all varied in price and packages. I was fairly fussy about what style I wanted so I wittled down the shortlist to this five (no cheesy, posey photos for me ie the jump shot - how many times have we seen that one; or the bride being draped across the front of the groomsmen...). No, I wanted a photographer who was artistic and creative and could also translate the vintage/retro feel into their work. I came across Uber's website (Chris & Kate Buechner, husband and wife team) and thought their work was super. When we went to meet with Kate, we just clicked... she was our sort of lady and the quality of their wedding albums was quickly apparent. BTW, Kate & Chris have both won awards with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP)!!!

So we went away and contemplated all that we had seen - Uber were the people we felt most comfortable with and confident that they will deliver the sort of wedding photos we will cherish for the rest of our lives. That's the thing, you don't get another chance to recapture those moments so we wanted to make sure we would love them. If you have a few moments to spare check out Uber's blog and let me know what you think in the comments below. I love the sneak peak photo of Kristine & Emil's wedding. Kate also does some fabulous portrait shots too.


  1. Hi Dolores!

    Glad you have found a photographer that you are happy with!

    I just had a look at the one I like and there happened to be a vintage wedding on there. Thought you might like to have a look:

    what a beautiful bride!

    all the best,

  2. And these ones too:

  3. What a beautiful bride! She looked stunning... I don't dig the top hat and tails though, waiting for the groom to start tap dancing.

  4. WOW you should get great pics they look like very good photographers. We were on a limited budget and in the end had NO good pics at all, so disappointing :-( You want nice ones to remember the day by Good luck with your plans!