Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage Bus Outing

Last Sunday we took the kids on a family outing to the Sydney Bus Museum. It's really close to our house and I drive past it all the time. The museum itself is actually closed to the public until they get compliance for fire hazards etc but they are still operating vintage bus rides every weekend. We went for a trip on a really old double-decker (like the one pictured above). We sat on the top deck in the very first row... the bus took us for a tour to the airport, which was great because the kids got to see planes on the tarmac too and Max loves the DHL sculpture (the balancing blocks). The bus was just as I remembered it as a kid, shaky and rattley, and so much fun. This is a really cheap family outing because there is no set fee, they just ask for a donation to the museum. I wonder if they rent out the buses for private events? :-)

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